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Single ticket for our Newest experience: MIND DINING. 


An unforgettable dining experience, where a topic, passion for food and beautiful décor will reunite souls and minds with something in common around the dinner table.


This first of many events will combine the Art of Charcuterie boards with a Wine tasting experience.  Charcuterie and wine, what else is there to say?

The Charcuterie Master Class will be presented by Andrea Jackson from Crave Grazing, she will take us through the journey and the art on building a charcuterie board like a pro, a step by step tutorial on how to lay ingredients, cut specific cheeses and roll the famous salami rose.


For the Wine tasting portion we'll have Lyssa Hurvitz from Wishes and Wines, you will learn the basics of wine tasting and taste your way around the world! She'll talk through the basics of wine: color, tasting notes, how to identify different aromas and characteristics, and how to pair it with food. We'll talk about what makes some wines better quality than others and even the right way to hold a wine glass!


WildMint will be in charge to create a cozy picnic atmosphere for this experiene. The vintage table set up and, the pampas dried flowers and antique candles will  make you feel connected to nature, in a very special place where the only thing that matters is the here and now.


Mind Dining Single Ticket

SKU: 001
  • This magical night will take place outdoors, in a beautiful patio in Orlando, this secret location will be released closer to the event!

  • September 21st, 6pm

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