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3 Best spots for a picnic in Orlando

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

.Orlando has so many beautiful parks and natural areas, it's almost begging us to have a picnic every day! So, we've gathered some of our favorites places for a picnic and make it easier for you to choose.

Weather you're having a Wild mint picnic, or just a picnic with a basket with friends, these are the places we recommend:

Kraft Azalea Gardens

Kraft Azalea Gardens is one of favorite places in Orlando to have a picnic. The Spanish moss trees, Lake Maitland and the stone arc monument make it a magical fairy-tale like park. The park is open every day from 8am until dusk.

Secret Lake Park

We like Secret Lake park in Casselberry because of these beautiful decks looking into the lake. Makes for a very private, romantic picnic experience. It's open from 7am till dusk.

Dickson Azalea Gardens

And finally, we chose Dickson Azalea Park, we love this location because of the big shady trees and the the little trails, perfect for a walk. We specially like the spot in the picture, where a big tree lays down and makes for the perfect picture! It's not as private as the other two spots, but it is magical!

So book a romantic picnic with us, or take your blanket and basket and set up the perfect picnic in one of these beautiful locations in Orlando!

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